Free Real Estate Success Tips

Below is a list of 42 great tips (added over time) that can help you develop more useful habits and encourage you to make meaningful changes to your business so that you can enjoy greater success in real estate.

Great Tips to Stay On Top Of Your Game

Stop Wasting Money in Your Real Estate Business

In previous tips we have discussed numbers when it comes to tracking your lead sources, appointment setting, closing ratios, etc... But there is another extremely important thing to track and pay attention to on a regular basis, which is your business financials (AKA your “Profit & Loss Statement”).

How to Choose a Mentor and/or Real Estate Coach

I am a HUGE believer in Mentors and Coaches. I have had many, and will continue to have many. I truly believe it is an extremely irresponsible choice to not get a Mentor or Coach, but you must choose the right Mentor/Coach for you!

How to Overcome Call Reluctance and Your Fear of Rejection

First, it is important to understand that we all experience these fears. If it is something you struggle with, you are NOT alone! Sometimes we can feel like it is only us who are experiencing these fears, but the reality is everyone has fears. It is just that those who create success learn how to face their fears!

Daily Planning To Get Results

I am sure you have heard the saying, “If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail”. Well, this saying is 100% true! When it comes to accomplishing your goals, there is absolutely nothing more important than winning each and every day!

How To Stay Motivated

It is easy to get motivated, but hard to stay motivated for the long haul. In order to create long term success, we must learn how to stay motivated day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and even decade after decade. So, how do you do it?

Growing Your Real Estate Business Through Delegation

In this Tip we will talk to you about “Delegation”. The reality is, we can only do so much personally. There are only so many hours inside a day. So, as a Realtor, how do we know what to delegate?

How To Get More Referrals From Past Clients

In this Tip we are going to break down how to grow your Real Estate Business by receiving more referrals from your Past Clients.

How To Have Success With Expired Listings

Expired Sellers can be a great lead source, but it is important to understand some stats about them in order to ensure success.

How To Generate Leads With Facebook

Facebook is a lead generation machine for those that know how to use it! I am going to talk to you about some important steps to ensure you are successful with running Facebook Ads!

Knowing The Real Estate Sales Funnel

The reality is, every business has a “Sales Funnel”, and every successful business owner knows their “Sales Funnel” inside and out.

How To Double Your Real Estate Business Fast

I speak to Realtors on a daily basis looking to take their Business to the next level, and double, if not triple, their real estate businesses.

How To Hold Effective Open Houses

First off, Open Houses are extremely effective if they are done correctly. Secondly, a lot of Realtors believe in the myth, that open houses are only for new Realtors, which is just that, a HUGE MYTH!

Lead Generation Basics

There are so many “Moving Parts” when it comes to creating success inside our Real Estate Businesses. But, where does it all start? It all starts with “Lead Generation”.

Own Your Schedule To Be More Proactive

In this Tip we will talk about how to be more proactive, get more done in the time that you have, and be much more proactive!

Think Outside The Box To Generate More

In this tip we will discuss: “How Thinking Outside The Box” can generate you more leads and ultimately lead to more Clients!

Success In Real Estate Happens From Mastery

In this Tip we will be discussing the importance of “Mastery”, and how it is an absolute MUST if you want to grow your Real Estate Business!

The 3 Money Making Activities In Real Estate

There are actually only 3 things a Realtor can do to make money in the Real Estate Business. Now, with that being said, there are things which are “Essential” to getting paid that need to happen, but they are not actual money making activities.

Your Real Estate Website Must Have Features

In this tip I will break down the MUST HAVE features you need in your Real Estate Website to be effective in today’s Real Estate Market.

Must Haves In Your CRM/Database

So you may be asking yourself, “What Is a CRM?” A CRM is “Customer Relationship Manager”. This is a system that helps you automate your Lead Follow Up, stay organized, and helps ensure you do not miss tasks. It is one of the, if not the most important aspects of your Business.

What To Say To Leads To Convert To Appointments

It is important to understand that the consumer today loves to consume (Buy and Sell Real Estate), but they HATE “Being Sold”. So, the trick today is adding value by leading from a place of contribution, and once they are ready to buy and/or sell, they think of you and reach out to you.

Proper Lead Follow Up Frequency

First, it is important to note that the “Average Realtor” follows up with a lead within 40 minutes, and only follows up twice. This is not enough frequency to ever be able to create good results. Remember Real Estate Success Tip #1, the “Average Realtor” only converts .5% of leads into a closing.

Actions & Activities

One of the reasons that 93% of Realtors only do 7% of the business conducted in the industry, is due to the fact that they do not know the actual amount of "Actions and Activities" it takes to generate Business.