Sponsor Sample Videos

Below are a few sample videos showcasing what your (or a sponsor’s) video can look like on Thrive.  While some of these videos are about 60 seconds long, we encourage our partners to design their videos to be no more than 30 seconds and tailored in anyway to fit their audience. 

A Series of Videos

This video was produced entirely by Zenith Home Loans and is part of a series of videos that will play in every CE course on Thrive.  Zenith has gone the extra mile to create and deliver a series of unique messages/stories to share with real estate professionals.

A Personal Introduction

One of Zenith’s earlier videos that allowed them to connect with their audience on a personal level by sharing a genuine message from Zenith Home Loans President, Dave Gallegos.

A Friendly Connection

This video was produced entirely by Canyon Title and makes the most of the 60 seconds allowed for each video.  Like Canyon, you may fill your video with as much information you feel is appropriate and important for your audience while also introducing them to the person on the other end of that relationship.

In-House – $350

This video is a sample of what the Thrive team can do for you.  We will produce a video for your company using the information you provide to us and our in-house video production tool.

Grow Advertising – $950

Great visuals with a great concept for a call to action, that’s the key to an effective TV commercial. This is the most cost-effective way to produce a high-end TV spot, with your personal information. Nobody will ever know you spent so little money for such great production!

This package includes:

  • Custom written script by our Award-Winning creative team
  • Use of stock footage from our library of 500,000 clips
  • Option to include your own footage and/or photographs
  • Complete editing and production of finished spot
  • Music and voice over
  • Your business information, including logo, phone number, etc.