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Do you want to connect with top producing real estate agents and brokerage firms?  If so, learn more about becoming a Thrive Real Estate Education Sponsor in your state below.

10 Points of Value Provided to Sponsors

We provide the opportunity for sponsors to reach out to brokers and agents and offer them free Continuing Education (CE) and Professional Development (PD) content with our partnership.  Our sponsors are looking for ways to provide value to Realtors.  The introduction of Thrive to productive agents is a great way for sponsors to break the ice and start a long-term relationship with top producing agents.

Sponsors receive a weekly list of agents who have joined Thrive Real Estate Education and/or completed a CE or PD class.  The list contains the agent’s name, the course they completed, their email, phone number and primary market.

Sponsors receive a 30-second video commercial that is played during the CE and PD courses.

Sponsors receive a banner advertisement on the Thrive Real Estate Education websites that is viewed by all site visitors nationwide. Great national branding for the company.  We also have a state platform for each state as well as other specialized platforms.  The banner advertisement is on all platforms.  By the time we are across the country, that will be 250+ platforms.

We offer them an opportunity to add a professional development video on all our platforms with a 3-10 minute product and success message. This is an instructional video about the sponsor’s product, not a sales pitch.  It should show Realtors how they will get more business or have a better business because of the Sponsor’s product.

We also become a social media partner.  We will match the sponsors’ posts on our social platforms so they can get double the exposure and business opportunities.

We also offer sponsors a professional interview done with one of their executives or high-level employees. We will elevate them as an industry influencer (industry expert) while also elevating their company.  The interview should give Realtors 5 ways to make more money and have a better life because they use the sponsor’s product. It is also the opportunity for the sponsor to share their unique selling proposition in the industry.  Thrive only works with the best!  This video interview will be posted on our platforms, social media outlets, and YouTube channel.

For national sponsors (more than 3 states) who come in at the $1000 price point for 24 months we provide a $5000 marketing and social media campaign over the first three months.  This will launch their business with Thrivers (registered agents on Thrive) and affirm our business relationship. For national sponsors (more than 3 states) who come in as nonexclusive and pay $500 a month we provide a $1000 marketing investment to kick off the business relationship.

Thrive offers full customer support.  We will help them grow their business by helping them grow Thrivers and gain business.  It is in our best interest that their ROI is unbelievable.  In addition, Thrive handles all tech issues and platform customer service inquiries.  It is very easy to work with us.

We know that our sponsors have a list of Realtors that they have identified for their product or service.  Therefore, we built 52 warm and inviting emails for our sponsors to use for a weekly campaign for the top agents in their market.  We have done all the heavy lifting. The sponsor just needs to cut, paste, and send.

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Want to reach out to us to discuss further and/or sign up?  You may do so by either contacting our Vice-President of Sales and Marketing directly or by filling out the form below.

Eric Rodriguez
Vice-President of Sales and Marketing

Phone: 702-325-6056