Do you want to engage with the top brokerages in your market and develop a deeper relationship with successful, productive agents?  Absolutely!  Thrive Real Estate Education make this possible by putting you in front of agents as the exclusive state sponsor in your industry.  Our platform is burning up the internet with free video-based continuing education classes and professional development videos 24/7/365.  We provide low-cost video messages in each online course for a loyal group of select sponsors, like you.


State Industry Exclusivity

Are there several, even hundreds, of businesses in your industry that you’re competing with?  If so, you won’t have to concern yourself with that on Thrive.  You WILL become the industry exclusive in the entire state.

Personalized Video Message

With exclusivity comes the importance of developing an awesome and engaging video message.  Your company will be tasked with creating the right message for real estate agents on Thrive and you can have more than one to get the job done!

Prominent Platform Exposure

While developing the perfect message is important, it needs to be supported by prominent placement on our platform.  Your company and message will be prominently placed at the top of our state page, in every CE course, professional development video and brokerage platform for that state.  Also…

Post Course Completion Message

Once an agent completes a course and receives an email copy of their Certificate of Completion, your message will accompany that email and you will be notified when the agent has completed the course.  This gives you yet another great opportunity to stay in front of your audience.

Live State Calendar

Not that you’re lacking in ways to continuously engage your audience, we’ll help shine the light on any upcoming events you might have by adding your events to our live state calendar.

Access to Analytics

Finally, to track how well your sponsorship is doing, we’ll even create an analytics page for you that will be updated weekly.

Price-Locked for the Year

With over 29,000 page views, 9,000 visitors, 5,000 courses started and 3,500 courses completed, Thrive Real Estate Education will continue to grow dynamically every year.  You will benefit from free growth without a single change to your bill.


Now that you know how our program works, send us an email to get started or to ask a question.  You can also schedule a phone meeting with one of our Thrive Partnership Managers.

Sean Lujan

Chief Operating Officer