Thrive Sponsorship Program

Do you want to connect with top producing real estate agents?  If so, scroll down to learn more about becoming a Thrive Real Estate Education sponsor in one or more of our approved states.

Sponsorship Overview

Thrive gives you the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships with your clients through the sharing of FREE continuing education courses and professional development videos.  We’ll promote your services in every CE course relevant to your sponsored state.  Sponsor-created videos will be either seen by real estate agents on our main site or through a branded, white-label sponsor page built just for you.  Either way, Thrive enables you to provide value to real estate agents through free education and videos aimed at empowering them to achieve the highest levels of service and success.

Sponsor Platforms

Here’s what a branded white-label platform looks like compared to being promoted on the main site (via one or more state pages).

Sponsorship Benefits

Here are some ways this sponsorship brings value to you and your audience.  Remember, we’re not a lead generation company.  Our goal is to simply help you strengthen your relationship with clients through free education.

Video Samples

Using Thrive

Here’s a short video demonstrating how real estate agents sign up and take courses on our website.

Sponsor Commercials and Thrive Interviews
The Secret of High Productivity Training with Jessica Peterson

Sponsor videos generally appear at the end of a CE course (before the agent completes it).  We require you to keep your video under 60 seconds (under 30 is even better).  For these videos, try to connect with your audience on a personal level, then present “the problem” and explain why your company is the best answer to it.

Video interviews with our own Thrive Guru, Jessica Peterson, are a great way to share the secrets to your success and how you can help your audience achieve similar results.  These are meaty interviews with the goal of educating versus simply promoting or advertising.  Sure, you can talk about your business as long as a viewer can walk away feeling like they’ve received something valuable from you.

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