Real estate professionals are always looking for ways to become more productive, successful, happy, and yes, profitable.  Here are some recommendations that may help you achieve your goals in ways that you may not have thought of before.

Personal Branding

BrandFace® is a book series, speaking series and personal branding program for real estate professionals who want to STAND OUT from their competition and attract their ideal customers so they can become recognized and sought after real estate authorities.  Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr are the partners behind BrandFace. Their mantra is, “People don’t do business with a logo.  They do business with a person.”

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs, business leaders and real estate professionals become the face of their business & a star in their industry.  We help them discover (and get recognized for) their unique point of differentiation so they can upstage, out-market and out-sell their competition.


Who are your ideal customers? What sets you apart? And how should that be presented?


Top to bottom, every branding element that you need to set yourself apart on any marketing platform.


Package and present your authentic personal brand across all of your marketing channels.

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Watch our free video training about personal branding, your key to recognition and riches in real estate.

Discuss Your Brand

Apply for a free session and learn exactly what it takes to get you out of the real estate sea of sameness.

Get BrandFace® SCORE

Want to know the ‘score’ of your personal brand--where it’s doing well, and where it could use improvement?

Watch Our Reviews

While you wait on your session, hear what our clients are saying about their new brand and direction!

We’d love to discuss your star potential!  We have personal branding courses and customized workshops for real estate professionals who want to become a sought after, recognizable brand.  Contact us and let’s see where the conversation goes.


If you’d like to book a spot on the calendar to discuss your brand, head to our Talk to Us page:


Home Staging

Colorado Springs Professional Real Estate Estate Stagers and Designers


Anything that is highly-desired sells faster. Anything greatly admired sells at a higher price. This is a simple equation mastered in 29 years of experience designing and marketing corporate training programs and almost 14 years of professional Real Estate Staging and Design in Colorado Springs.

Front Range Stage uses a team approach of having several stagers on-hand in order to meet customer demand. The entire staff of degreed designers and/or certified stagers brings many years of experience to your doorstep right when you need it! We have notable experience working with sellers with special needs, elder needs, and military families. We understand what buyers want and merchandize your property to appeal to those buyers. We excel at catering to first-time buyers who make up 1/3 of the market. Their taste in decorating a home may not be your taste...let us ensure your home appeals to the greatest number and widest variety of home buyers!

Complimentary Consultation

Learn how to maximize the effects of your first showing or open house with a 15 minute phone consultation.

Professional Staging Consultations

Find out what a professional would recommend for YOUR home with either an in-person walkthrough or virtual tour.

Hands-On Home Staging Services

Create a showcase home like no other and even turn a house into a home with VACANT home staging.

Strategic Home Design Services

We'll scour the globe to shop and then design your space in amazing ways; it will be instagrammable!

Read More About Our Services

Learn more about our services so that you feel confident letting us evaluate your home at the earliest opportunity to assess the time required to turn it into a desirable showcase-condition home, staged to its fullest potential!

Get a FREE Consultation

A 15 minute phone consultation is available to introduce you to the benefits of staging to include a walkthrough of some examples of before and after transformations and staging statistics.

Request a Staging Quote

We concentrate on substantial changes that yield the greatest impacts when presenting your house as another's future home. Request a staging quote by completing this brief form and a professional will follow up with you.

Front Range Stage LLC provides certified staging professionals who use creative energy to showcase homes in memorable ways, making them more desirable to more potential buyers. We proudly serve Colorado Springs, Colorado and surrounding Front Range Areas.


Social Media

Karen Liz Albert, a Social Media consultant, speaker, author and seminar leader, is the owner/founder of Behind Your Curtain. Karen has 20+ years experience in marketing, consulting and professional training and has successfully used her Social Media expertise to launch targeted Social Media marketing campaigns for business owners and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve tangible marketing results by strategically promoting brand awareness and increasing customers.

Her 30-day Social Media Facelift program has allowed her to significantly increase the brand awareness of professionals from around the world, helping them to move forward with their social media marketing feeling educated and empowered.

Social Media Strategy

We'll create a Social Media Strategy and Plan based on detailed market research results identifying the top rated, most relevant social media tools necessary to obtain your specific goals and objectives.

Search Engine Marketing

Maximize your exposure and community engagement through strategic and targeted use of the top social media channels.

Social Media Consulting

We offer innovative marketing consulting services with marketing strategies that increase brand visibility, market share, leads, sales and ROI.

Website Design & SEO

We'll design a website that'll attract relevant visitors and enable them to interact with your brand and guide them to the actions they need to take to engage with you.

Social Media Services

Simplify your digital marketing efforts with a team taking care of your Social Media content creation, posting & promotion and making sure you have a thriving social media presence while you focus on your business.

Free Consultation

Get connected with Karen Liz Albert to learn how she can transform your social media marketing in just 30 days with this free 15-minute consultation!

Free EGuide

Learn the top 10 ways to boost your business using social media in this easy-to-read guide written by Karen Liz Albert

Read & Watch

Each week, watch Karen offer insight and ideas on ways to effectively and/or not so effectively use social media marketing.

Karen knows how busy a business owner’s schedule can be, so all forms of communication are utilized to ensure you are always connected and kept up to date on all her progress.