Do you know what questions to ask the listing broker to put you in a good negotiating stance and enable you to know what’s important to both parties?  Do you know how to write an offer that’s a win for your client and the seller, thus increasing the likelihood that the seller will agree to and sign your offer?  Real estate instructor Liz Bowen shares these insights and more in her awesome video.  Many other videos are part of Thrive Real Estate Education’s free Professional Development library and are aimed at improving various aspects of your life and real estate career.

Buyer Listing Contracts & Disclosures

Join Liz Bowen in her Successfully U Series as she shares her expert knowledge on Buyer Listing Contracts & Disclosures.

Connecting with Busy People

We live in a world where we are bombarded with information. There are so many businesses vying for people’s attention – it’s overwhelming! If you’re in business or just getting started, getting top of mind in your customer’s world can seem daunting. In this course, Jim Sharp offers proven methods to connect personally with potential clients and tips on how to build a successful relationship-based business.

How to Attract & Serve Millennial Sellers

Have you thought, “Millennials are too young to sell their homes!” Prepare to be blown away. Millennials may not sell homes as much as other generations at this point in time, however, you could get ahead of the game and be seen as the expert and the leader in your industry to bring Millennials up to speed and become excellent sellers in your industry.

How to Attract & Serve Millennial Buyers

Do Millennials want to buy homes or do they want to live in their parent’s basement forever? Millennials are a hard market to crack, especially in real estate. You may think the highest spending generation in all of human history would be open to buying homes. So why are you, the real estate agent, not able to make this sale?

Seller Listing Contracts & Disclosures

In this course, Liz Bowen will walk you through the ins and outs of seller listing contracts and all of the associated disclosures so you will be the super knowledgeable agent you need to be in order to be successful!

The Home Selling Process

In this course, Liz Bowen walks you through her proven process of selling a home, and the critical differences between working with buyers and working with sellers. Stay up to date on the best tips and tricks for closing more deals!

The Listing Appointment

In this course, Liz Bowen will walk you through a successful listing appointment — the lifeblood of a seller’s agent, and the potential difference between you and another agent. Learn how to identify and satisfy your client’s goals and more in this highly informative video!

Working with Buyers

In this course, Liz Bowen will give you insight into the thought processes of buyers so you can understand both their emotional and logical motivations — two critical aspects of their decision-making process, and two aspects you will need to understand in order to be a successful buyer’s agent.

Working with Sellers

In this course, Liz Bowen walks you through tried and proven techniques on working with sellers specifically. Stay up to date on the best tips and tricks for closing more deals!

Writing Killer Contracts

That’s right – learn how to write killer contracts from real estate expert Liz Bowen, president of Successfully U.