“As Realtors, we’re not in the real estate sales business, we’re in the marketing business and if we do a really good job of marketing, we get to sell some houses on the side.”  This excerpt from real estate instructor Chandra Hall’s marketing video playfully describes the kind of business real estate professionals are in before emphasizing how a marketing action plan is vital to implementing a business plan.  Many other videos are part of Thrive Real Estate Education’s free Professional Development library and are aimed at improving various aspects of your life and real estate career.


In this course, Liz Bowen will give you tips on how to use blogging to your advantage, to heighten your internet presence to market yourself and become a resource and trusted expert that people turn to for real estate information!

DIY Real Estate Photography – The Basics

Follow along with your instructor Greg Lennon, as he shares his expert knowledge on real estate photography, giving you all the basics you’ll need to take attractive and enticing listing photos yourself.

Geographical Farming

In this course, Liz Bowen will teach you about how to optimize your sphere of influence within a certain geographical area. The more a neighborhood knows who you are, the more deals you will close. This is a long term strategy that will pay huge dividends if applied appropriately!

How to Market Yourself & Your Real Estate Services

Brought to you by American Dream Real Estate School and Chandra Hall.

LinkedIn for Business

Learn how to use the basics of LinkedIn and beyond to market and optimize your real estate business network.

Personal Branding

In this course, Liz Bowen will teach you the techniques to create your own personal brand identity to set you apart from the sea of other agents competing for your business.

What You Should Do to Market Your Listings

Join Sandy Schlappe as she shares her expert knowledge on What You Should Do to Market Your Listings.

Your Personal Brand Presence

Brought to you by American Dream Real Estate School and Suzanne Tulien.