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This course aims to teach students how to clearly explain how the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and the ADRE Commissioner's Standards provide compliance guidelines that enable and empower the real estate professional to exercise his/her duties to the consumer, the public and the professional colleagues in ensuring the real estate consumer is protected.  It will cover the following topics:

  • REALTOR® Code Preamble & Article 1;
  • COE Articles 2 & 11/R4-28-1101B & R4-28-1101H;
  • ARS 32.2153A2 & ARS 32.2156/COE Article 3;
  • RESPA/Articles 6, 9, & 10;
  • Trade Names, Advertising Regulations
    & COE Articles;
  • COE Articles 15,16,& 17/ Avoiding Controversies with Other Agents R4-28-1101D; and
  • REALTOR® Association Enforcement Process &ADRE Enforcement Process

Students will be expected to fulfill the following learning objectives:

  • Describe the professional commitment in the Preamble & Article 1 & the commitment of the Commissioner to the public;
  • Explain how COE Articles 2 & 11 and Commissioner's Rules R4-28-1101B & R4-28-1101H protect the public;
  • Describe how the Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) & COE Article 3 protect the public;
  • Explain how RESPA and Articles 6, 9, & 10 empowers the REALTOR® in protecting the public;
  • Explain and comply effectively with both the Commissioner's Standards & REALTOR® Code of Ethics in marketing to the public;
  • More effectively cooperate with other REALTORS® in serving the needs of the real estate consumer; and
  • Explain how the COE and Commissioner's Standards are enforced when there is an alleged violation

This course is approved for continuing education in Arizona.

If you are not licensed in this state, please return to the Thrive home page to select the correct state for continuing education.


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3 CE Credits

This course fulfills the number of credit hours required for Commissioner's Standards.

Students must meet or exceed the targeted time below and complete all pages, lessons, quizzes, activities, and pass the final exam to receive their Certificate of Completion for this course.



School Information

American Dream Real Estate School, LLC dba Thrive Real Estate Education (S21-0008) is an approved real estate school in the state of Arizona and is the creator of  American Dream Real Estate School is fully approved and in compliance with the Arizona Department of Real Estate.


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