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American Dream Real Estate School is the approved provider of this Hawaii Real Estate Salespersons Pre-licensing  Course and the creator of  American Dream Real Estate School is fully approved and in compliance – along with its Prelicense and CE Courses – with the Hawaii Real Estate Branch / Professional and Vocational Licensing Division / Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.


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This 3 CE online course keeps you up to speed on the ever-changing markets and how they affect your clients.  You will cover real estate market dynamics in hot, stable and cold markets, appraisals in hot markets and the importance of local markets.  You'll learn about the complexities of multiple offer situations, cash buyers and contingencies.  You'll also learn about presenting and responding to offers and escalation clauses, how to prepare a buyer in a seller's market and how to coach sellers in a hot market.

This course is approved for the state of Hawaii.

If you are not licensed in this state, please return to the home page and select the state you are licensed in and the course to receive credit.

3 CE Credits

Students must meet or exceed the targeted time below and complete all pages, lessons, quizzes, activities, and pass the final exam to receive their Certificate of Completion for this course.