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Do Millennials want to buy homes or do they want to live in their parent’s basement forever? Millennials are a hard market to crack, especially in real estate. You may think the highest spending generation in all of human history would be open to buying homes. So why are you, the real estate agent, not able to make this sale?

Presented by Anastasia Button
Anastasia Button
Scale Your Leadership
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As a Millennial herself, Anastasia Button knows all about the stresses of a volatile global economy and uncertain job market.

Today, Anastasia is the author of the upcoming published book, #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success, which helps Millennials gain freedom, independence, direction, better income, and more excitement from their lives and careers.

Anastasia also speaks, consults and teaches employers, businesses, clubs, associations and groups how they can benefit being leaders to the powerful and dynamic Millennial generation – one that will take up 76% of the workplace in 2025!

If you plan to be in business in the next 10 years you will want to pay attention to Anastasia on how you can be seen as a leader in your industry or group so that Millennials will be attracted to and work with you – rather than against you.

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