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American Dream Real Estate School is the approved provider of this Hawaii Real Estate Salespersons Pre-licensing  Course and the creator of  American Dream Real Estate School is fully approved and in compliance – along with its Prelicense and CE Courses – with the Hawaii Real Estate Branch / Professional and Vocational Licensing Division / Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.


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The course is 60 hours of training in total. This includes home study time, online testing, reading assignments and special assignments. Over the next 10-30 days, you should fully expect to spend roughly 10-20 hours per week in review and study. This is a rigorous course that has been condensed for you, but you must put in the study time. You can be given no more than 8 hours credit per day for study time.

This course is approved for the state of Hawaii.

Students must meet or exceed the targeted time below and complete all lessons/sections and quizzes to receive their Certificate of Completion for this course.




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