Avoiding Appraisal Issues with a Killer CMA (CO#10456)

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This 2 CE online course is designed to teach you about the main differences between a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and an appraisal.  Additionally, you will learn some interesting information about the appraisal industry, different appraisal methodologies, and a great technique to use when developing your own CMAs.

Upon completion of this course and its requirements, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion for 2 CE credits.

School and Course Approval

American Dream Real Estate School is the creator of Thrive Real Estate Education and is fully approved — along with its CE courses — with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) – Division of Real Estate and in compliance with the Colorado Real Estate Commission. School ID #0708.

Course Availability

This course is free and available to all registered Thrive users.  Course enrollment expires on 9/28/2022 and the course must be completed by or before 9/29/2022.

Course Requirements

To earn a Certificate of Completion, enrolled users must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • Obtain a Course Completion Time of 1 hr 40 mins (100 recorded minutes)
  • Download, complete and submit an affidavit verifying student’s identity
  • Complete an Evaluation Form to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the course
  • Pass the final exam with a 75% or better
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