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About American Dream Real Estate School

American Dream Real Estate School is owned and operated by American Dream Real Estate School, LLC of Colorado and is dedicated to educating real estate professionals across the nation.  American Dream Real Estate School and its instructors are fully approved by all appropriate state agencies in each state where its accredited courses are offered.

Whether you’re beginning a new career and getting your real estate license for the first time, or continuing your pursuit of professional excellence through continuing education, American Dream Real Estate School offers the programs and individual courses to best prepare you to meet the challenges of your selected industry and your lifelong clients.






Creating Thrive Real Estate Education

Oxygen, Love, and Real Estate Education: They’re so important that you shouldn’t have to pay for them!

Through Thrive Real Estate Education, American Dream Real Estate School, LLC created a unique, ground-breaking concept – always free CE – with the ability to expand into any profession that requires continuing education.  The content on is both specific to the industry and general enough to be used for any professional.

CEO Todd Cordrey is a real estate leader with experience as a large office managing broker, Realtor® of the Year, Public School Superintendent, and Board Chair for a large urban school district.

He envisioned a way to synergize the worlds of public education and for-profit real estate education into a dynamic and viral platform sweeping the country.

Thrive takes the hassle out of real estate continuing education and aims to provide you with holistic and proven tools to become a more healthy, productive, positive, and motivated person. Your success is our success!

We aim to be the premier provider of online real estate education by making it easy, affordable (you can’t beat free), and accessible to everyone.