You feel confident, dressed to impress.  The house is perfectly staged and the fliers are hot off the press.  Cookies are plated as the scent fills the rooms inviting the lookers to wander through the rooms and feel like they could move right in making this their new home sweet home.  When the first couple comes in You smile brightly, but they don’t seem to return your enthusiasm.  You get a slight tingle up your spine knowing that something feels off, just not right.  It isn’t something specific.  Nothing you can point out or blatantly ask them to stop or leave for.  So, what do you do?  This was definitely not in your Real Estate training. 

Here at American Dream Real Estate School, we have you covered.  On our Thrive Real Estate Education website, you can learn about how to protect yourself while gaining CE credits with this 3 CE class “Safety for Brokers While Showing Properties and Staging.”  Here are just a few of the great tips you will receive from this class to help keep you safe:

  • Locate escape routs
    • When setting up an Open House take a few minutes to evaluate where all the exits are…including out of the fenced back yard. This may be one you have not thought of. 
  • Work as a team. If you can, work together at an Open House instead of being solo
    • Or set up a check-in time (either at the office or with a loved one)
  • Walk behind prospects, protect your back
    • Guide them through the home instead of leading them.

This course has a wealth of information and our website makes it simple to take the class from home or any location with internet access.  You can start and stop at anytime and the certificate is simply emailed to you and saved to your account.  The class is FREE and others are available as well. 

Once you finish the course, you may be thinking there is more you want to know to keep yourself safe.  It is great that you added more free CE credits, but there is a wealth of knowledge out there for Agents.  Breakthrough Broker has a wonderful On Demand Webinar: Realtor Safety.  Breakthrough Broker is a great resource not only for safety, but they offer a wealth of other information as well.  If you like our FREE CE’s you will absolutely love Breakthrough Broker as well.  Breakthrough Broker offers FREE Marketing Materials, Business and Marketing plans, as well as Social Media Content! 

While researching safety, I also came across this little gem: REVOLAR.  This is a great alternative to use during an Open House or while showing properties.  What is it exactly?  This is something smaller, they even make jewelry, you can wear.  Then at a push of a button it sends an alert with GPS location.  This Denver based company is on a mission to help everyone feel empowered and safe.  If you want to learn more check out their blog on Why Safety Devices? Our Most Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

Within this FREE CE, you will also gain knowledge on the importance of staging.  We have brought in a professional with additional advice.  Here are some wise words from Candace Hutchison.  Candace is the owner of Home Detailing: staging / home & business styling.  She has been in the business for over 13 years and works throughout Northern Colorado.  Here is what she has to say:

Staging is not just about furnishing a vacant property. A professional stager works with homeowners to prepare their homes for the market whether it will be vacant or occupied when listed. I consult with them and share such things as what needs to be pack, what updates would be most beneficial and vendor resources to help in the process. 

By partnering with a professional stager, a real estate agent saves time, money and allows the stager to wear the black hat. In other words, when the seller asks about what needs to be done, an agent merely has to say, “I’ll have my stager come and talk with you.” The stager is the expert who explains that the wallpaper has to be removed or that the carpet needs cleaning and the dining room light should be updated, allowing the agent to champion the sale of their home. In addition, statistics show that a staged property saw a 1-10% increase in dollar value offered by buyers (NAR 2019 Profile of Home Staging).

What is the importance of staging? 

  • Professional staging is no longer an obscure service. It is valuable for both the buyer and seller.  According to National Association of Realtors Digital Age 2018 report, 50% of buyers found their homes through the Internet. This means Internet photos have to be captivating and engaging in order to entice the buyer to want to see the property. Artful staging skillfully crafts the home for such photos. For the sellers, staging guidelines liberate the family from the space; facilitating an effective transition from their present home to their new residence.

How can decor make potential buyers feel?

  • The decor mutually provides practical and psychological elements. Furniture offers visual cues for size and placement, which is especially beneficial with today’s open concept homes. Psychologically, furnishings present a welcoming embrace and showcase a desirable lifestyle.  

What are two main tips you use in staging? 

  • It is important to understand neighborhoods’ demographics in order to create focused yet expansive design concept.  
  • Furnishings are arranged to highlight the rooms’ features and foster a balanced, energetic flow through the home.

Thank you Candace for your invaluable experience and helpful tips.  (Give her a call if you are looking for staging in Northern Colorado: 502-295-5592.)  Many of which are also highlighted in the CE class as well.  We love partnering with local companies and helping each other Thrive.  These tips are sure to help you stay safe and stage your next listing to sell.  Thrive On!

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